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Arrest Records Of Mississippi

All criminal arrest records for the state of Mississippi are kept at the state’s central repository

situated at the Criminal Information Center (CIC) which is a unit under the Bureau of Investigation Division of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety (DPS). http:// The mission of the CIC is to administer the overall communication of criminal arrest information among enforcement and justice entities on behalf of the state of Mississippi.

Accessing the information

As a resident of Mississippi, you can access the arrest records maintained by the state repository. The availability of these criminal records is in accord with the Constitution of the state, which calls for open courts and accessible court records as per the Mississippi Public Records Act, Miss. Code Ann, § 25-61-1. The Administrative Office of Courts (AOC) also maintains data related to criminal activities and arrests which are included in the Supreme Court Annual Report. You can access the report from their website at Bottom of Form

Although procedures are in place, accessing criminal arrest history information of Mississippi through the CIC can be a challenge. It’s quite clear that they provide fingerprint-based criminal background check services to government agencies across the state but things get murky for private individuals. It doesn’t seem like name-based search is provided. Fingerprint-based criminal records are apparently available to the public for a fee of $24.95 paid to the Office of Administrative Operations. The required fingerprint cards can be obtained and sent in two ways: 1.) manually and mailed, or 2.) taken and forwarded electronically. Third-party search requests must be accompanied by a signed consent of release.

Mississippi Department of Public Safety contact info.

1900 East Woodrow Wilson Drive
Jackson, MS 39216
Telephone: (601) 987-1212

Alternatively, Mississippi residents can turn to commercial records providers.


Important Online Forms

If you are searching for a MS arrest card request form, then visit dps.nsf/mailcards?OpenForm. On this page, submit the required information about the concerned agency, the point of contact and phone number. If you wish to be contacted by the Criminal Information Center directly, you can state your choice in the form itself.

For an applicant card, you need to contact the FBI for Form FD-258. You can call them at 304-625-3983 or send a fax to 304-625-3884. The Originating Agency Identifier, or ORI, number needs to be furnished at this time. In case you do not have it, you can send an email to for assistance.


Contents included in the Mississippi Arrest Information

Information on an inmate's arrest can be requested from the Mississippi Department of Corrections website by clicking on Just type in the first and last name of the inmate and click on the ‘find’ option. The search results will list the inmate along with his or her ID, the location at which the individual is serving his/her incarceration, the term for which the individual has been sentenced and the offense for which the inmate has been serving a prison term.

Information on parolees is also an important aspect of Mississippi arrest records. The data can be accessed from the website of the parole board. An inmate may become eligible for a parole after serving a part of his or her sentence depending on issues like the nature of the crime committed, date of committing the crime, the sentence and criminal history.

In order to find out information about a parolee, you can visit inmatesearch.asp and fill in the required details like last name, city and county. This will give you details about the parolee including his native city, county of supervision and the Mississippi Department of Corrections identity number. In you want to know more about arrested inmates serving a parole term, you can send a request by mail to: State of Mississippi Parole Board, 201 West Capitol Street, Suite 800, Jackson, MS 39201, or call them at (601) 354-7716.

Records of Mississippi arrests feature information about Mississippi sex offenders as well. Sex offenders pose a big threat to the well-being of the community and therefore it is necessary to identify them. The arrest records pertaining to sex offenders are also maintained by the Mississippi Department of Public Safety. The information is updated on a regular basis and this ensures that you are alerted as soon as a sex offender moves into the neighborhood.

Arrest information is submitted to the Mississippi Department of Public Safety by the local law enforcement agencies and therefore their authenticity cannot be questioned. If you are looking to search for such offenders, just mail in your request to: Department of Public Safety, Sex Offender Registry, PO Box 958, Jackson, MS 39205 or log in to http:// On this webpage you will come across a form that would help you to locate an offender along with the instructions to complete the form. You need to fill in the full name, city, county, zip code and state information of the suspect and click on the ‘search’ option.


Mississippi Arrest Records Search

Do you know your neighbors? Your coworkers? Your friends? It is not uncommon to live and work among strangers in today's world; but you don't have to. Why? Thanks to the Federal Information Act, all U.S. citizens have access to public criminal records. Below, we discuss just what the purpose of a criminal records search, why you need one, and the

Criminal records are record accounts of all activities to be processed through the criminal justice and law enforcement bureaus; so, a criminal records search is for these public records. Criminal background records are categorized by type and jurisdiction, and held at various jurisdictions to which they pertain, as subject to nature of crime, locale, and other relating factors. Directly related to this is the criminal records search.

A criminal records search for criminal background information can be done on any individual. Perhaps, you are concerned about a new neighbor, a teacher at your child's school, a friend, or a colleague. Whoever it is-you want to find out if they have been involved in a criminal activity, to protect yourself and your family from potential future harm. Consider that many sex offenders live unnoticed in family neighborhoods, while many will reoffend at some point after they have served time or penalty for their crime. They could live amongst you, and you don't even know it. Why don't you know? Many people don't realize two things: first, that it is their right to search for this public criminal record information; and second, that it is easy, convenient, and confidential to do.


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