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Arrest Records Of Kansas

Arrest Record Keeping and Access to the Information

Kansas arrest records and criminal activity dispositions are updated and maintained by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation’s (KBI) Central Repository. The Central State Repository contains information on the arrest records that are collected from the various state law enforcement and criminal justice agencies such as the sheriff’s offices, police departments, highway patrol officers, prosecutors and courthouses at various state levels.

The information in the criminal records maintained includes felony and misdemeanor arrests, details about the convictions in the state correctional facilities, court dispositions and data on prosecutions. The Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) does not have information on the arrest records from any other states or federal agencies in the country.

The details of Kansas arrest records are arranged according to individual identity in order to maintain a sequential order of records pertaining to all the crimes committed by an individual. The information is stored in a single file along with the fingerprint identification card. For information on Kansas arrest records or any other general query, you can contact one of the following KBI offices:

Topeka (Headquarters)
1620 SW Tyler
Topeka, KS 66612
(785) 296-8200

Great Bend Office
625 Washington
Great Bend, KS 67530
(620) 792-4354

Overland Park (KCK) Office
7700 W. 63rd Street
Suite 12
Overland Park, KS 66202
(913) 671-2040

Pittsburg Office
821 N Broadway
Pittsburg, KS 66762
(620) 230-5810

Wichita Office
130 S. Market, Suite 4050
Wichita, KS
(316) 337-6100

You may also mail a request to:

Kansas Bureau of Investigation
P.O. Box 6
Wichita, KS 67201

According to the state laws of Kansas, arrest records can be viewed by the general public as well as the law enforcement agencies and other users that have specific right to access these records. However, conducting a search of these records requires a processing fee which is usually based on the nature or extent of the information requested, and amount of time taken to research the information.


Kansas Arrests Information for General Public

The types of information in Kansas arrest records available for general viewing include:

Court convictions on all felonies and Class A, Class B and Class C misdemeanor arrests, any violations of the municipal ordinances resulting in a court conviction or county decrees equivalent to Class A, Class B and Class C misdemeanor assaults, information about imprisonment in any of the corrections facilities in the State of Kansas, and arrest records within the period of a year for which no disposition information is available.


Restricted Access on Kansas Arrests

The types of arrest records available at the state repository that are not available to the citizens of Kansas include:

Any arrests which did not result in a court conviction; arrests, convictions, prosecutions and imprisonments that have been expunged or removed from the state records; any records of arrests and offenses relating to juvenile subjects; and data on arrests that took place more than a year ago. Another widely used method in gathering this information is by turning to commercial service providers in the World Wide Web.


Kansas Arrest Records Search

Do you know your neighbors? Your coworkers? Your friends? It is not uncommon to live and work among strangers in today's world; but you don't have to. Why? Thanks to the Federal Information Act, all U.S. citizens have access to public criminal records. Below, we discuss just what the purpose of a criminal records search, why you need one, and the

Criminal records are record accounts of all activities to be processed through the criminal justice and law enforcement bureaus; so, a criminal records search is for these public records. Criminal background records are categorized by type and jurisdiction, and held at various jurisdictions to which they pertain, as subject to nature of crime, locale, and other relating factors. Directly related to this is the criminal records search.

A criminal records search for criminal background information can be done on any individual. Perhaps, you are concerned about a new neighbor, a teacher at your child's school, a friend, or a colleague. Whoever it is-you want to find out if they have been involved in a criminal activity, to protect yourself and your family from potential future harm. Consider that many sex offenders live unnoticed in family neighborhoods, while many will reoffend at some point after they have served time or penalty for their crime. They could live amongst you, and you don't even know it. Why don't you know? Many people don't realize two things: first, that it is their right to search for this public criminal record information; and second, that it is easy, convenient, and confidential to do.


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