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Arrest Records Of Georgia

The principal provider of criminal justice information services in the state of Georgia is the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC). It is one of 3 main divisions that operate out of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI). Its primary mission is to provide round-the-clock access to needed criminal history information within Georgia, among them, Georgia Arrest Records. These arrest documentations are updated and maintained at the various law enforcement agencies throughout the state.

In Georgia, felony conviction records are accessible by the public without the need of consent from the subject of the check but for non-felony conviction and arrest records, a signed consent from that person is required. Name-based lookups are charged $20.75 per name. Except for special cases, only approved employers or law enforcement agencies may conduct fingerprint searches for another individual’s criminal account and such requests must be accompanied by a signed consent form from the person with the following details: name, date of birth, gender and social security number.


Georgia Bureau of Investigation contact information and address:

Georgia State Criminal Records
Georgia Bureau of Investigation

3121 Panthersville Rd
Decatur, GA 30034

Telephone: 404) 244-2639
Fax: (404) 270-8529

Obtaining arrest information can also be done by contacting the Sheriff’s Office or the various Police Departments individually across the state. The advent of the Internet has also afforded us with other quicker and simpler options of acquiring such data. Private records providers are now prevalent online for that and are known to be accurate and professional. They are also very convenient and affordable.

The treatment and use of these files are under the laws of the state. Thus, it’s possible that some records may be restricted if the state considers it confidential or classified. Classification of the case is done according to the nature of the committed crime and the sentencing. Felony is known as the most serious crime that a person can commit in the state of Georgia.


Where Arrest Records are Found in Georgia

At present, there are about 30 correctional facilities in Georgia, all under the supervision of the Georgia Department of Corrections in Atlanta. The Department of Corrections maintains records for both the inmates presently serving in the state’s various correctional facilities and past felony incarcerations for persons jailed in the state penitentiaries. Furthermore, these records date back to the mid-1980s. At present, Georgia arrest information is purged 15 years after the maximum period of the sentence ends.

The Department of Corrections runs a free online searchable and a voluminous database on these Georgia arrest records. The online request form to access the records can be found at http:/ / These records are compiled and updated regularly, about once a month. The Georgia arrest record search will return information on the case identifiers, case numbers, charges, period of incarceration, the name of the county where the case was filed, and the status of the parole.

To carry out the search in Georgia’s extensive computerized database, you should have the following details about the person being searched: the full name and preferably the middle initial, and the date of birth. A combination of this information significantly reduces the risk of stumbling upon a “false positive,” which is the situation when the records of another person with the identical name are turned up. Chances of a false positive are negated if you can provide a unique identifier, like the person’s Social Security number.

While conducting the search, it is also a good idea to provide all the information on the person’s past addresses. This ensures that the database can also run arrest record checks across multiple states.


Technological Makeover at the Georgia Department of Corrections

In 1997, the Georgia Department of Corrections had embraced the Offender Records Management System (ORMS) to effectively manage more than 38,000 inmate files or records for the entire prison system in Georgia. Every inmate file contains about 100 to 150 pages of information. This wealth of information is readily accessible to the public.

The Department of Corrections online database offers no guarantee regarding the veracity or completeness of the records. The site advises not to rely solely on the search results, but to cross- check them personally with the Georgia Department of Public Information, housed in the Floyd Veterans Memorial Building, 8th Floor East, Atlanta, GA 30334.


Additional Sources of Georgia Arrest Records

Apart from the free online arrest record database operated by the Georgia Department of Corrections, you may also search for these records at the official web site of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Atlanta Division, at The site contains the link to the sex offender registry maintained by the State of Georgia. It is easy to search for information here: just go to the site, click on the “I Agree” button under the section "Conditions of Use," fill out the search form that is available here, and then click “Search.”

The website also houses the National Sex Offender Registry, which stocks information from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Coordinated by the Department of Justice, this registry is updated regularly to include the names and details of violent offenders.


Georgia Arrest Records Search

Do you know your neighbors? Your coworkers? Your friends? It is not uncommon to live and work among strangers in today's world; but you don't have to. Why? Thanks to the Federal Information Act, all U.S. citizens have access to public criminal records. Below, we discuss just what the purpose of a criminal records search, why you need one, and the

Criminal records are record accounts of all activities to be processed through the criminal justice and law enforcement bureaus; so, a criminal records search is for these public records. Criminal background records are categorized by type and jurisdiction, and held at various jurisdictions to which they pertain, as subject to nature of crime, locale, and other relating factors. Directly related to this is the criminal records search.

A criminal records search for criminal background information can be done on any individual. Perhaps, you are concerned about a new neighbor, a teacher at your child's school, a friend, or a colleague. Whoever it is-you want to find out if they have been involved in a criminal activity, to protect yourself and your family from potential future harm. Consider that many sex offenders live unnoticed in family neighborhoods, while many will reoffend at some point after they have served time or penalty for their crime. They could live amongst you, and you don't even know it. Why don't you know? Many people don't realize two things: first, that it is their right to search for this public criminal record information; and second, that it is easy, convenient, and confidential to do.


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